Sunday, January 18, 2015

'72 Skyline: Rolling chassis

Being stuck at home with a bug of some sort, I made some progress on the '72. (Not that I really needed an excuse).

The body has all decals in place, and has had a coat of clear to set it all; it's ready for final assembly next weekend. The hood is actually hinged and opens quite nicely, which is a bit annoying as I didn't finish the underside of the hood as well as I might have.

The chassis worked out well, just the exhaust doesn't quite line up with the headers which point too high up. The upper radiator hose, which makes a bend around the distributor, may fit in the real world but my Detail Master wires mean the hose doesn't quite reach the head. A minor quibble, and only I really knew about it until now because you can't really see it. 

Next steps: glass and lights, then we're done. It will be a week as I will be out of town again, unless the bug keeps me home, in which case it will be sooner.

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