Saturday, January 3, 2015

Speed build: Honda Civic curbside (Saturday)

After staying up late with guests, then sleeping in and facing a mound of dishes, there wasn't much time before my late afternoon date with The Granddaughter. (I think some other relatives, like maybe her parents, will be there too). Fortunately I managed to squeeze in most of the detail painting yesterday afternoon before the guests arrived, so mainly what's left is chassis and interior assembly (today) and external finishing (tomorrow). So let's get to it:

The various painted bits are shown above. Assembly of a rolling chassis only took an hour and got it to this stage:

The interior took a little longer, in part due to dealing with fussy little decals for the gauges, and to accidentally putting the rearview mirror on backwards.

I could have rummaged through the spare decal drawer looking for seat belts but decided not to bother; the goal was a quick box-stock job and if it didn't come in the kit, it doesn't go on the car.

So now it's just a matter of waiting for the paint on the body to harden. It's looking pretty good but I know from experience how easy it can be to put a big fat thumbprint into the roof, so I'll hold off until tomorrow to give it a full 48 hours of drying time. I'll also have to tackle the glass which requires painting around pillars -- this is not one of my favourite activities as it is all too easy to screw up big time.

So far so good, stay tuned for the Grande Finale tomorrow!

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