Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Updates: Honda Mugen, Porsche 908

For those interested, the Honda has been complete for a while now, and is frankly not one of my better efforts. (I picked a slightly out-of-focus shot so you can't quite see just how bad it is). The self-imposed pressure of completing something in a weekend was probably too much. If you want to do this, I would say follow these steps:
  1. Get the body prepped and painted first, so it can dry;
  2. Do not get carried away with anything not in the box or instruction manual;
  3. Pick a simple kit;
  4. Don't stress if Sunday comes along and it's not finished.
I probably violated Rules 2 and 4. Fortunately I observed Rule 3 so at most it is a waste of time, not money or of an obscure, unavailable kit.

As for the 908, I posed all the existing bits and put it front and centre in the display cabinet as an incentive. Looks just about done, right? Right.

Hopefully this will be some motivation to get moving again here. Meanwhile back to the Skylines ...

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